Monday, 16 September 2013

Closeness of Sumerian and Dravidian civilisations

Here, we can look at some indicators that point to the closeness of Sumerian and Dravidian civilisations.

1.       City-States of Sumer ::

       Ur,Nippur, Uruk  are some independent city-states of Sumer. These have close affinity to Tamil root “Ur” (village). Another city Eridu is closely allied to Tamil root “Nadu” ( Land ). There are multiple names which can be traced to Tamil words. Here a more detailed analysis by linguistics and archaelogists is desired.
2.       City patrons ::
      Each Sumer city had a patron god ( guardian god or angel ),
      God “Enki” was the patron of city Eridu.Enril was god of Nippur and Sin of Ur.
      This again speaks of close resemblance to Dravidian culture. Many cities of Dravidian civilization had their own patrons, like Madurai and Lanka. We can see reference of Madurai in Silapathigaram.  As Kannagi cursed to burn down everything in Madurai, the patron god  appeared in front of her and asked for excusing  elders, women, children and animals. Kannagai agreed to spare them, and rest is history.
      In Ramayan too, we have similar incident. As Hanuman lands in Lanka, the patron god tries to stop him but fails at the end.
3.  Musical Instruments ::
     Old Tamil musical instrument ( "yaazh" ) has very close resemblance to the Lyres of Ur.

4. Goddess Ishtar ( Sumerian ) has lions at her feet as cohorts. This is again another striking feature of Indian goddess Durga.

5. Temples :::
     The Sumerican gods were residing in Ziggurats, which were precursors to pyramids of Egypt. This has very close resemblance to structures at Lanka. Rhys Davids mentions two of them. One in Pulasti-pura in Ceylon; and the thousand stone pillars on which another was erected in the second century B.C. at Anuradhapura. I will post another struture from my native place, Devakulam, which resembles or can be a close model of Ziggurats. I did not have permission to take photo. But definitely i will make a drawing of that and post it here.

Considering all this, we can very well say the Dravidians of ancient India migrated to Sumer, and flourished in that land. They are the people who made the civilisation, culture and language.

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