Monday, 23 September 2013

From London came the ARYANS

        The most important battle in Rig Veda is the famous "Battle of the Ten Kings ( Dasarajna )". One side was Sudas, a Puru king and at other side were the Dasyu groups of Anus, Druhyus, Turvashas. Sudas at the banks of Sarasvati river has defeated the Dasyu groups and won the battle.

        This is the foundation head for Aryan invasion theory.

        The above incident ( "Battle of Ten Kings" ) and other invocations in Rig Veda are shown as evidence of Aryans winning over Dasas or Dasyus. These Dasas were later identified as the original inhabitants of India, who are Dravidians.

       Aryans are lifted to a higher class, with higher language , higher mental and physical ability thus able to subjugate the original people. Does Sudas represent any race or class of people ? Let us proceed to see other Brahmanas and Vedas.

        1. Once Sudas was gone, the children of Sudas were called Rakshasas or demons for killing the sons of   Vasishtha in Brahmanas.
        2. Bhrigus, Kavashas who were defeated by Sudas were later highly praised in Brahmanas and Upanishads.

        Such a shift in stand cannot happen if Aryans and Dasas ( Dasyus ) are racial terms. As per David Frawley they are just spiritual or religious terms, nothing to do with race or administration. In Zend Avesta ( religious book of Zorastrians or Parsis ) there are multiple battles between Asuras and Devas. ( Incidentally, the Asuras are good people and Devas are bad , as per Zend Avesta. ). By this we can not say, the Iranian people are two types, one is Asuras and other as Devas.

        "Aryan invasion", has that really happened?

        1. We still did not find any archealogical evidence ( bones, skulls, mass skeletons ) to point to that.
        2. We do not find any big cities, settlelements of Aryan race.
        Anything that can establish a historical evidence is not found.

        Aryan invasion theory is a fabrication used by British to justify their colonial rule. British had come to India as traders ( East India company ), then slowly established their rule by "divide and rule" policy. To make the native people to comply with a foreign rule,  they made a thesis that white race is superior always. It is a kind of 'you were ruled by white race ( Aryans ) before also, and now also. We ( British ) are superior'. They have used "Aryan Invasion" theory as a mind game.

So who are the ARYANS ?

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