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Origin and spread of Dravidians

By 19th century, there was a great interest in study of India, her literatures, religions and people by the westerners, especially Germans. There were two great Indologists, one is Max Muller who studied Sanskrit and compared with other Indo-European family of languages, apart from Bopp.

Another great Indologist was Rev.Robert Caldwell, who re-establised the pride and place of Dravidian languages, particularly Tamil, with respect to Sanskrit.

Rev. Robert Caldwell's book " Comparative Grammer of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of Languages" is a classic that helps to understand ethnology or linguistics of India, especially the Dravidian India. He compiled this classic, after about thirty-seven years of study of Tamil. He has compared Tamil with Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, African , Indo-European family of languages ( German, Greeke,Latin etc ) and Scythian family of languages (g Finnish, hungarian etc ).
This is what he concludes. There seem to be reason for regarding the Dravidian family of languages, not only as a link of connection between the Indo-European and Scythian groups, but-in some particulars, especially in relation to pronouns-as the best surviving representative of a period in history of human speech older than Indo-European stage, older thatn the Scythian and older than the separation of the one from the other.
To make this more simple , this is what his conclusion.

Caldwell has compared the other world languges with Dravidian languages. He has put forth his conclusions with respect to vowels, consonants, word roots, nouns, numerals, pronouns,verbs. And the simple fact is that Dravidian languages are the "mother of all languages". Dravidians spread to North, Near-East, West , Far-East and all the living parts of the world. This would have happened not at sometime we can remember, but at a time even history does not record as of yet.

He also exclaims, how remarkable that distinct affinities to the speech of the Dravidians of inter-tropical India should be discoverable in the languages of the Finns of Northern Europe, and of the Ostiaks and other Ugarians of Siberia.And, the Dravidians of India, from the evidence furnished by the Dravidian languages , in the silence of history, in the absence of ordinary probabilities, to be allied to the tribes that appear to have spread Europe before the arrival of Teutons and Hellenes, and even before the arrival of Celts. What a confirmation of the statement that ,God has made of one blood all nations of men, to dwell upon the face of the whole earth.

Again to make this simpler, the Dravidians spread to Europe , before the we can talk of Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Persians. That means, the Dravidians, especially Tamils spread to Europe, establishing as Sumerians, Akkadians and as Egyptians.

Egyptians always refer to "the punt" as their ancestor land.This land is revered by them. Now though,  the identity of it is lost,
Swami Vivekananda says that it is the Malabar region of India.Cleopatra can trace her lineage to India !!!

Also the Ophir mentioned in Hebrew literature is the coastals of Southern India, as mentioned by Caldwell.

Dravidians spread throughout near-east world and established her civilisation, may it be Sumerian, Akkadian , Mesopotamian or Egyptian.

The history of the world is , the history of the Dravidians.

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